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Word! by Intellect

Word! by Intellect

Intellect Word! is an author's program for linguistic development, based on the principles of the spaced repetition model SuperMemo+, in symbiosis with the works of Tony Buzan and Pimsleur, developed and built in the Fibonacci golden fraction. The research, development and implementation of Intellect Word! projects are the result of long-term work of the RnD department of Intellect Schools and Fundamental Studio. Word! by Intellect is an absolute pioneer in Bulgaria, soon to be on the international market.

Intellect - Schools of languages

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people learn and enhance their vocabulary skills by providing an engaging and interactive platform that combines learning with gamification. We aim to make learning words easy and fast, empowering individuals to expand their language proficiency while having fun.


Gamified Learning Experience: We believe that learning should be enjoyable and motivating. Our platform incorporates gamification techniques, turning the learning process into an exciting adventure. Users will engage in various interactive games, challenges, and quizzes that reward progress, achievements, and healthy competition.


Engagement and Motivation: Maintaining users' engagement and motivation throughout their learning journey can be a significant challenge. While gamification elements can be effective, we need to continuously innovate and introduce new game mechanics, challenges, and rewards to keep users excited and motivated to learn.

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