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Logo for Persina by Bike

Logo for Persina by Bike

Persina by bike is an adventure that we had the pleasure to make a logotype for. It is a bike trail alongside the park Persina that lead to different beautiful locations. It is marked once a year and has over 100 participants. The concept idea was deliberately worked on as a typography and mascot at a time. We used a special bike tyre, vectorized it and incorporated it as a logo for Persina by bike. Specially designed for this Bulgarian brand, Persina by Bike logo has become a recognizable and trustworthy symbol.

Dunav Ultra

Capture Adventure and Exploration: The logo should evoke a sense of adventure and exploration, reflecting the spirit of discovery that comes with biking along the trail. It should communicate a sense of excitement, freedom, and the thrill of exploring new locations.


Engage the Target Audience: The logo should resonate with the target audience of outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, and nature lovers. It should appeal to their sense of adventure, love for nature, and desire for an active lifestyle, creating an emotional connection and drawing them to explore Persina Bike Trails.


Conveying the Adventure and Freedom of Biking: Communicating the sense of adventure, freedom, and exploration associated with biking can be challenging through static visuals alone. Capturing the dynamic and thrilling nature of biking in a still logo design requires creative solutions.

Color Palette

Macaroni & Cheese
Wax Flower
Murky Green
Fun Blue
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