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Intellectica Online

We're thrilled to unveil the fresh new look of Intellectica Online - your favorite destination for mastering new languages! Whether you're a polyglot in the making or taking your first steps in a new language, the revamped Intellectica Online is here to make your learning experience more engaging than ever!

Intellect Schools of Languages

Improve the user interface to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging to ensure a seamless learning experience.Ensure the website is fully responsive and offers an optimal viewing experience across a range of devices, especially mobiles.Increase user engagement and interaction with the website through gamification, interactive content, and community features.


Overcoming the limitations of the existing design and integrating new elements without disrupting the current user base's familiarity with the platform.Addressing varying screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring compatibility and performance remain consistent.Balancing the integration of advanced features while maintaining website performance and speed.

Color Palette

Yellowish Orange
Brandeis Blue
Pinkish Red
Lavender Mist
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